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Say No to Single Use plastic. Guidelines for Plastic Products

15 Nov 2021
  • Say No to Single Use plastic.  

    Guidelines for Plastic Products


    As we move ahead with all the environment threats challenging us, as a responsible human being we all have to take strict measures to prevent the earth from plastic pollution. As per the guidelines laid out by the Government, there are some rules being formed to be followed in the school campus. Kindly read the points carefully and follow the same: 

    1) No child or School staff is allowed to carry anything made up of single use plastic. 

    2) No child will bring plastic bags. 

    3) No plastic bottles or tiffins will be allowed. 

    4) Plastic cutlery including plates, cups/glass, straws, spoon are strictly banned. 

    5) No child will be allowed to carry anything made up of Styrofoam (thermocol). 

    6) Make it a habit to use reusable items and recyclable products. 

    7) Prefer to use an alternative for artificial flowers, banners, flags, flower pots, PET plastic bottles, plastic folders, trays and any other plastic material.




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